Rachel Falls, Councillor

Rachel Falls, Councillor10526 Highway 3
Yarmouth, NS
B5A 4A8
office: (902) 742-0257
cell: (902) 307-4300
home: (902) 742-3375

Portfolio: Elder, Economic Development, Physical Activity, Culture, Housing

Rachel and family resides in Greenville Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. She is a mother of two children and grandmother of three, also is the fourth youngest sibling of 16. Rachel's mother was the most important role model in her adult life. She attended Yarmouth High School and also completed management training in 1997. Previous to becoming councilor she was the first manager hired by Acadia First Nation in January 1997 to Your Winners World AFN, she also managed Winners Corner and AFN Entertainment Center she was employed for 18 years. Your Winners Worlds brought her the most passion and pride, as it was Acadia First Nation’s first retail business. It was the most successful and eventually grew into a multimillion-dollar retail giant for which she is very proud. She was previously employed for 3 years on reserve by privately owned and operated SAV Enterprise.

Rachel was elected to Acadia First Nation Council on June 13,2015. With her she brings 25 years of retail experience to the Economic Development team. She strives to bring Acadia First Nation into its’ own sustainable Nation. She is determined to work hard to unite all of Acadia First Nation’s 6 communities together as one.

Rachel has great passion for keeping our youth, young adults and Elders physically active. If we don’t keep active that is when we start feeling negative effects on our health, that is why she encourages our members to stay active.

Rachel is honored that she is able to learn about our culture through her work as councilor of Acadia First Nation and is part of some amazing committees such as; Emergency Management, Rec Fund, Rose Purdy Recreation & Community Centre, Harvest Feast, AFN Language Committee, and Mi’kmaq Summer games.

“love the world as your own self, then you can truly care for all things."