Michael Paul, Councillor

michael paulHammonds Plains office
1692 Hammonds Plains Rd.
office: 902-422-5918
cell: 902-483-7040

Portfolio: Education/Employment/Training, Economic Development, Finance

Halifax Regional Municipality

Elected since 2002, I work as part of the council team to ensure the best possible outcomes on issues concerning Acadia First Nation. My particular interest in the above portfolios, is to ensure our members have the best possible opportunities to achieve their educational and employment goals, move forward economically and do so in a fiscal responsible way. Being bound by budgets, I wish we could do more but the reality is we have to work within our means.

Currently a Commissioner of Oaths, I am also on the board of directors of the First Nation Finance Authority, an Indigenous organization that provides loans to First Nation Bands. The FNFA has over 1.5 billion out in projects to help First Nation communities across the country achieve their goals.

In the past I was a Trustee of the Ponhook Trust, volunteered as a Firefighter, Block Parent, blood donor, sitting on HRM committees and was an Administrative Justice of the Peace officiating more than 60 weddings.

With education and wise financial management, individuals and communities can develop, thrive and prosper. Let’s all have respect for one another and work together for the betterment and growth of our Nation.