Avis Johnson, Councillor/Deputy Chief

Avis Johnson, Councillorcell: (902) 350-0547

Portfolio: Health, Finance, Elders, Housing, NSPI, SARS, Deputy Chief

Avis was elected to the Band Council in June of 2015. Prior to that, she was an employee with AFN for 15 years where, she worked from the Medway Office located in Greenfield.

She resides in Milton, Queens County, with her husband and son. Avis is also a graduate of Compu College School of Business. She currently holds the Health portfolio and is the Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee. She sits on numerous committees and working groups within the ever-growing First Nation community. Some of these include: health, finance, emergency management, recreation and culture, Ponhook Trust, Tusket and Mersey Dam Refurbishment, and Housing.

Avis works from both the Medway and Wildcat offices when not engaged in meetings. She believes in AFN and the importance of members working together to help build a strong community. She prides herself on her strong work ethic and being actively involved within the community. Avis works very closely with AFN staff and program directors and professes that “our staff, administration, and businesses are the backbone of our First Nation; without them we would not have been able to grow and prosper as much as we have.”

Avis applauds the fact that “we as a collective team and community have worked very hard during the last few years to develop and build stronger policies and procedures, as well as, economic development opportunities”. She looks forward to the many opportunities that await all band members.