Andrew Francis, Councillor

Andrew Francis, CouncillorBox 361
Brooklyn, NS
B0J 1H0
phone: 902-277-1021

Portfolio: Environment, Housing, Parks Canada, NSPI

Lunenburg County including Gold River Reserve

Holding the position of Fishery Officer with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) since 1999, Andrew has a wealth of knowledge and experience which he has been able to bring to Council, Acadia and its members, upon being elected to Council in 2005. In his position with DFO he is responsible to enforce the Federal Fisheries and Species at Risk Acts, monitor alterations to fish habitat and other fishing related tasks. Previous experience includes being a Park Warden at Kejimikujik National Park and a Conservation Officer for Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources. As a Councillor, Andrew holds the Fishing and Hunting portfolio for Acadia First Nation, which provides additional value to the community, as a whole.

Along with Andrew's tasks of responding to community member's requests, attending meetings, visiting the Gold River Reserve and consulting with staff, Andrew has had the opportunity to work on a number of committee's including Ponhook Trust, Gold River after school program, youth moose hunt, Gold River land use, Gold River Pow Wow and others that may arise.

Living with his wife and two wonderful children in Brooklyn Nova Scotia, Andrew has a love and passion for the outdoors and it is through his interest in fishing and hunting that he has been able to educate and emphasize the importance of protecting Acadia's many resources. Andrew works with the community in providing information on current harvesting regulations, moose hunting and fishing. To ensure that he has the most relevant information for members, he attends a number of meetings and workshops regarding harvest of natural resources.

I believe that it is our responsibility to sustain what is here for the generations that follow. It is through my Mi'kmaq heritage that I have learned to be a steward of our natural resources. Opportunities to strengthen our culture, natural resources, education and spirituality are priorities for me as a leader.