Jeff Purdy, Councillor

Jeff Purdy, Councillor10526 Highway 3
Yarmouth, NS
B5A 4A8
office: (902) 742-0257
cell: (902) 740-2905

Portfolio: Finance, Forestry, Indigenous Protection Conservation Areas, Nova Scotia Power Inc., Species At Risk

Jeff Purdy has been on the Acadia First Nation Band Council since October 2012, he resides in Yarmouth on the Acadia First Nation and has lived there since 2003. Jeff was raised in Milton; Queens Co. and is an avid outdoorsman; he loves to be in the woods and on the waters within Nova Scotia. His peace of mind is paramount when he is guiding others in the woods and teaching youth about nature and the land, or when he has the honor to be alongside his respected elders learning from their stories and experiences. Jeff is halfway through his career and takes notice to how time is flying by, he whole heartily recognizes the importance to make and take the time to mentor the youth during hunting and fishing excursions, after all, they are the next keepers of OUR land.

Jeff faces all issues moving steadily forward and takes time for all involved to listen to their concerns, he feels by taking one's time and listening to individuals, that a proficient representative can determine the best plan of action to resolve issues, seek resolution and move forward. Jeff is very approachable and available to contact and he will speak with anyone to hear their concerns, ideas and issues. Please do not hesitate to contact Jeff on his cell phone @ (902) 740-2905, via email @ or in office.